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6 May 2014 New build (v1.30) of Scorecard released. Updated for 2014 player data, plus option to choose your favorite team, which is used to select the default game each time your generate a scorecard.
23 May 2013 New build (v1.20) of Scorecard released. Update accounts for changes at the various web sites used to obtain player stats.
3 February 2013 Should you upgrade to Windows 8 added to Advisor
25 September 2012 New build (v1.54) of SetDefaultPrinter released.
21 September 2012 New build (v1.53) of SetDefaultPrinter released.
28 May 2012 Hitting and Pitching Win Shares page added to NY Yankees blog
27 May 2012 New build of Scorecard released, with improved interface and optional templates
15 April 2012 New builds of Scorecard and TempFileCleanup released, supporting auto update checking. Scorecard database also updated to reflect Florida-to-Miami team name change.
8 March 2012 Pro Baseball Player Search By College added to NY Yankees blog
25 February 2012 Do You Really Need A Faster Internet Connection? added to Advisor
15 February 2012 Scorecard v 1.00 released -- an absolute must have program for all baseball nerds. Produces game scorecards for any MLB game, along with roster sheets and pitcher profiles.
3 February 2012 Topps Baseball Card Checklists for years 1952-2011 in ASC, XLS, XLSX, and PDF format added to NY Yankees blog
11 December 2011 Chrome Browser review added to Advisor
5 December 2011 Backing Up Your Computer added to Advisor
14 September 2011 SetDefaultPrinter v1.52 update released - minor GUI update
07 July 2011 Expected Runs Matrix added to NY Yankees blog
24 June 2011 Channel Guide for DirecTV MLB Extra Innings added to NY Yankees blog
14 April 2011 SendMail v1.10 released - simple command line utility which can be used to send an email message, useful in .CMD scripts
11 December 2010 Tunes updated for the Festivus Season!
27 October 2010 Speed tests updated with new and revised links
14 October 2010 SetDefaultPrinter v1.51 update released - fixed problem with special characters in printer name
14 October 2010 Dealing With Malware added to Advisor
27 June 2010 TempFileCleanup v2.30 update released - option added to delete Firefox cached files